Wherever your organization falls along the Flexibility Spectrum™– from needing to establish baseline policies to creating a results-driven work culture – WFD can help move flexibility forward in your organization to the next stage – or beyond – through a range of services including development of a business-based flexibility strategy, policy implementation guidelines and tools; flexibility assessments; and online, classroom and blended training for managers, employees and HR. WFD provides a strategic, business-based approach supported by practical tools that enables flexibility to be used as an equitable, innovative solution for the 21st century workplace by managers, individuals and teams throughout the organization.

Flexibility Spectrum

WFD’s Approach to Building a Culture of Flexibility

Innovative, flexible approaches to work are critical to sustained business success. WFD pioneered the paradigm of workplace flexibility as a tool to promote business effectiveness, not just an employee policy. In a flexible work culture, everyone is focused on achieving business results along with personal and professional goals by creating new, agile work practices that integrate the two. Success in a relentlessly shifting business environment requires companies to seamlessly weave flexible ways of working into the fabric of the organization; into how work is structured, managed and accomplished.

WFD’s hallmark is a strategic, measurement-based approach with practical application and tools. WFD creates strategic solutions that promote consistent flexibility across client organizations by addressing all aspects of the work culture: individual mindsets, organizational norms, management practices, communications patterns, team work efficiency and effectiveness, career and life cycle issues, multi generational values and work styles, etc.

WFD’s unparalleled global experience enables delivery of services and products rooted in decades of practice successfully building flexible work cultures with clients. WFD consultants deliver ground-breaking work for positive, measurable business impact.

Building a Culture of Flexibility

Dispersed Workplace

Seismic changes in the when, where and how work is done are increasingly evident, driven by factors such as global operations, technology advances, the cost of real estate, multigenerational workplace challenges, etc. This evolving transformation into the “workplace of the future” is taking many companies by surprise as norms and practices continue to be structured more for “brick and mortar-based” operations than for functioning in the 21 st century – and beyond.

WFD offers a series of highly practical, action-oriented services for organizations, managers, and employees to enhance their ability to manage and work in a dispersed workplace. Grounded in unique, cutting-edge research that WFD conducted with the American Business Collaboration and The Conference Board, WFD offers dispersed workplace assessments, strategy and planning, dispersed team workouts, executive briefings, and learning and development services, including customized dispersed workplace toolkits.

Fast Forwarding Flexibility to the Future

Team Based Process and Tools

Relentlessly growing workloads have become the nemesis of talent engagement and retention — even productivity. WFD’s unique team interventions promote sustained efficiency while increasing employees’ performance, ownership for results and flexibility. WFD’s action-oriented team process, TEP™, engages individual and/or cross functional teams in identifying their desired work environment, and uses validated on-line instruments to help teams zero in on low value work, inefficiencies and barriers to flexibility. Through a structured dialogue and planning process, teams create solutions and action plans to work more flexibly and effectively to integrate business and individual priorities.

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