It is estimated that ten million children in the United States are living with a chronic physical, behavioral, emotional, or mental health condition that requires more services and care than the typical child. Having a child with special needs can affect a family’s finances, employment status, and mental health. The demands on families may require that parents reduce their work hours or leave the workforce entirely. The parents of nearly 17% of children with special needs have cut back on work and the parents of another 13% have stopped working altogether because of the demands of caring for their child.

One of the greatest challenges parents of children with special needs face is finding the most useful information—at just the right time—about services and programs and how to access them. The Exceptional Caregiving Website is designed to provide your employees with essential information on topics relating to children with special needs and to point them in the right direction to learn more, allowing your employees to spend less time worrying about their child’s issues during work time.

The site includes information and resources in the areas of:

  • Special education services
  • Financial and legal considerations
  • Post-secondary education and transitioning to adulthood
  • Work-family integration
  • Health information and health insurance
  • Advocacy and family support

If you have employees who are parenting a child with a special need or chronic health condition, this website can help.

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