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New Research on Working Families in Major Transition: WFD's newest research investigates how working families are responding to changing social and economic trends, and suggests approaches to support workers in their working and caregiving roles.
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WFD Consulting is pleased to announce that the report Leveling the Playing Field: Attracting, Engaging and Advancing People with Disabilities has been released to the public by The Conference board. The report, whose lead author is WFD's Peter Linkow, includes a comprehensive, evidence-based business case for hiring and effectively employing people with disabilities.
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Global Study on Men and Work-Life Integration reveals that, when it comes to work and family, men and women are more alike than different.  This finding conflicts with a widely-held assumption that men identify more strongly with work and women with personal/family life.
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Survey: The State of Work-Life 2010
Senior management in a wide range of industries has maintained its commitment to work-life. Staffing and budgets are holding their own. However, there is a curious mismatch between the most serious workforce issues identified by companies and where they are investing their resources.
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Workload in America 2010
Findings from WFD's Second Annual Survey of Workload Issues confirm that even as the economy begins to improve, workloads for employees and managers continue to escalate and stress is taking its toll. Organizations are concerned about the potential impacts and how they can respond.
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WFD Consulting presented research on workplace flexibility for hourly workers at the Corporate Voices for Working Families Annual Partners meeting in May 2009.
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WFD Celebrates 30 Years
In 1983, a vision was created for the development and implementation of the first nationwide comprehensive child care resource and referral service for IBM employees as a new generation of employee benefits. The rest is history!
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Upcoming Events

March 27, 2015: New York City 
NAFE Top Companies for Female Executives 2015

May 5-8, 2015: San Francisco, CA
BC Center for Work & Family: Spring Global & National Workforce Roundtable Meetings

May 6-8, 2015: Portland, Oregon
2015 CUWFA Conference: Workplace Sustainability: Evolving Practices for Work-Life

June 9-11, 2015: Denver, Colorado
2015 WEPAN Change Leader Forum: Roadmap to Inclusion; Engineering Excellence for the 21st Century

June 17-18, 2015: New York City 
Network & Affinity Leadership Congress, NALC:  Influence & Impact:  The ERG Business Imperatiive

September 30, 2015:  New York City 
Families and Work Institute Annual Symposium and Gala Dinner

October 1-2, 2015: New York City
Ready Nation: 2015 Global Business Summit on Early Childhood Investments

October 13-15, 2015: New York City
Working Mother 2015 Work Life Congress

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In The News

WFD Consulting Presents the 2014 Global Work-Life and Diversity Solutions Workshop Series, featuring interactive online expert advice and discussion on the compelling talent management issues facing today’s changing world of work.
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WFD congratulates all of those selected as the 2014 Working Mother 100 Best Companies. We are especially proud to have partnered with 36 of the companies on the list and 6 of the Top 10 companies as they developed and implemented work/life, flexibility, employee engagement, and diversity solutions to recruit, retain and engage talented employees and support working families. 
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WFD Consulting Announces New Partnership to Bring Practical Online Courses to Implement Flexibility Effectively in Workplaces Worldwide
WFD is pleased to announce the addition of practical Web-based e-courses on workplace flexibility and telework to our product offerings.
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Workplace Flexibility LogoWFD joins Corporate Voices' National Workplace Flexibility Campaign
WFD Consulting has announced that it will join Corporate Voices for Working Families in a national campaign to engage the business community and create a broader awareness of the positive business and employee benefits of workplace flexibility.
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